St Mary MacKillop
Early Learning Centres

Religious Education Policy

Goals of Religious Education

The Religious Education program delivered in the St Mary MacKillop Early Learning Centres seeks to foster the children's:

  • Growth in relationships with God
  • Knowledge and understanding of God as revealed in Jesus
  • Understanding of Catholic traditions and their full participation in the life of the community
  • The parish is where the young person should learn the meaning of worship, encounter Christ in sacraments, and share in the practical outreach of the Christian community in mission to the world
  • Religious education programs – in St Mary MacKillop Early Learning Centres – provide both informal and formal teaching in matters of belief, values and practice that equips the child, according to each stage of development, for a free and intelligent expression of personal faith within the family, Christian community and wider society

Teaching and Learning

1. In providing religious education in the early learning centres, we recognise that what we do will vary according to the age of the child. We should therefore be concerned with providing environments, practices and activities that are age appropriate.

2. To help children develop early values such as cooperation and sociability so that they understand and practice the concept of:

  • Sharing
  • Taking turns
  • Helping each other
  • Cooperating with routines
  • Involving themselves in activities
  • Controlling emotions
  • Gentle play

3. To help children develop confidence in themselves so that they:

  • Relate positively to carers and other adults
  • Enjoy activities that are arranged for them
  • Regard the childcare centre as their second home where they are welcome and loved

4. To develop in children a basic familiarity with the life of Christ and Christian belief.

5. To ensure that parents are familiar with the policy and content of religious education in the centre.