St Mary MacKillop
Early Learning Centres

Fee Information

Fees at St Mary MacKillop Early Learning Centres

Parents will be required to pay the relevant fee, less the childcare benefit (CCB). The Childcare Benefit is the subsidy provided by the Commonwealth Government for children in childcare. It is means tested and is paid directly to the Centre for children whose benefit has been approved. Conditions include:

  • The Centre has been advised that the child is eligible for subsidy;
  • The child has attended the Centre for the periods claimed (this must be verified by attendance records);
  • The parents have paid their share of the fees.

To receive your subsidy you must apply through the Family Assistance Office (Telephone: 136 150) and register your child. The centre reference number is referred to as the CRN. They will assess your income and will send you and the Centre an approval detailing your percentage of subsidy.

If you have not applied for the subsidy, or if you have not paid your fees, you become liable to the Centre for the full childcare fees.

Payment of Fees

The centre will require all parents who have regular bookings to sign an EZIDEBIT authority to transfer fees from their bank accounts. The cost to parents for this service is $0.88 per transfer from a nominated bank account or 2.2% per transfer from a nominated credit card. Parents can nominate the day that they wish the transfer to be made, and the frequency (weekly or fortnightly). Fees are required to be a minimum of 2 weeks in advance at all times.

The Gap Fee

Unless special circumstances prevail, parents are limited to receiving childcare benefit for up to50 hours per week. If parents do not meet the “work test” they may be limited to receiving 24 hours of childcare benefit per week. These are assumed hours. That is, if you are booked in for a full week you will receive CCB for the 50 hours, even though the child, in attending for 5 days, was here for fewer hours.

With daily attendance, because we will be open for 12 hours per day, a child attending for a day can receive CCB for 12 hours even though the attendance may have been for only 7 or 8 hours.

Fee Increases

We will try to keep fee increases aligned with increases in the CPI rates.

Fee Payment

It is a condition of enrolment at this centre that all parents agree to and sign an Ezidebit authority. Any extra days other than the normal booked days will require cash payment in advance.

Any default in payment may result in termination of care. This will be at the discretion of the Director.

Please ensure all Fee Payments are a minimum of 2 weeks in advance at all times. Please refer to the Parents' Handbook for more detailed information on holidays, rostered shift workers, sick