School Name

St Mary MacKillop
Early Learning Centres

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a welcoming environment where parents and children feel comfortable and content. Educator-parent communication is a very important aspect of this.

We acknowledge and respect children as unique individuals and are mindful of their dignity. With this in mind, we will offer care and support for children with additional needs.

We strive to promote a mutually beneficial partnership with all families and the wider community, integrating culturally diverse backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes.

We provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment, understanding that children need this security for their growth and development. Independence, problem solving, grace and courtesy are fostered in such an environment.

Acknowledging the environment as teacher, we provide a learning environment that entices and intrigues, encouraging children to become meaningfully engaged.

We believe children develop skills through the process of exploration within an educational, play-based curriculum.

We acknowledge that each child is a spiritual being: we will respect their individual relationship with God.